Team Apparel

Gymnasts need the following items to compete:

* Leotard:  The team competitive leotard is unchanged from the 2021/2022 season.  

New leos are priced at $150. 

Please order as soon as you know you are joining the team.  Lead times are sometimes unpredictable.

* Warm-up Jacket: The warm-up jacket has not changed since the 2021/2022 season.  Order directly with Bloomfield Sports Shop using link below.  All jackets should be ordered with last names on the sleeve.

* Warm-up Pants: Girls can wear their own black leggings.

Optional Apparel

* Optional Apparel may be purchased through Bloomfield Sports Apparel link.

Link to Bloomfield Sports for ordering 2022/2023 team warm up and optional apparel:

Birmingham Unified Gymnastics 2022 | Bloomfield Sports | powered by OrderMyGear (

Leos and Jackets are customized therefore they must be paid for before ordering and they are non-refundable.

Any questions about orders can be directed to the Apparel Lead:

Sandi Marshall

Sizing your leotard

Below is a leo sizing chart and info on how to measure a gymnast.  For a larger view, click on the link below the chart.

When choosing Leg Cut for the leos, most girls choose "high cut" because it elongates their legs.  However, some girls may choose "regular cut" if they are more comfortable with that or if they already have long legs.  There isn't a huge difference.

Please use the size chart below:

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        For more info on  leo orders please contact 

                                  Sandi Marshall