2022/2023 Registration Information

Registering for the Team
The gymnastics team is hosted by Groves High School and is considered a club.  Therefore, athletes do not pay BPS when they register.  Registration fees are handled by the Booster Club.  Gymnasts need to complete their online athletic registration through BPS prior to participating in practice -- even if they are just trying the team out for the first three days of practice.

Online Athletic Registration
  • Go to the Groves Athletic Registration.  
  • Select "Groves Winter Athletic Registration" (even if the student attends Seaholm or International Academy)
  • Complete the required forms
  • Under "Pay to Participate Fee", select "$0"  (team fees are paid directly to the Booster Club)
  • Print the completed Athletic Registration and bring it to the Groves athletic director's office along with Physical Form and Emergency Treatment Form.  They will give you a blue card to participate.  This card must be given to the coach before girls are allowed to practice.
  • If your student attends Seaholm or International Academy and participated in Fall activities, students must turn in Physical Form to Groves even if they have one on file at their own school.

Participation Card
Before participating, students must get a blue "Participation Card" from the Athletic Director at Groves.  Card must be turned into coach before gymnast can participate. The Athletic Director will need the following to receive a green card:

Cost to participate:

Below are the main costs for participating on the team.  There are a few other minor expenses.

In lieu of a BPS Athletic Fee, the Booster Club collects a registration fee to cover the team's costs.
  • $200.00- check payable to "Birmingham Unified Gymnastics" or "B.U.G." - due immediately

Team Apparel - If gymnast is new to the team or needs new apparel, it must be ordered prior to the start of the season to ensure that it arrives in time for the first meet.  The apparel parent will contact girls once they join the team.  
  • Competition Leotards: $150.00 - Payable to B.U.G. (need 7 weeks lead time from order to delivery)
  • Warm-Up Jackets: $TBD - purchase at Bloofield Varsity Shop - see apparel page for more info
  • Warm-Up Pants: Girls can wear their own black leggings

Club Gym Usage Fee
Twice a week, the gymnasts will be using the Sports Club of West Bloomfield for practices.  Gymnasts carpool from their schools to the club. The cost of the club is approx. $10 per use.  Payments are due at the end of each month directly to Sports Club- Dean Smarjesse.

All families are required to participate in team fundraising to cover the costs of the team.  Information will be provided throughout the season. Current fundraisers may include, but are not limited to:
  • Pretzel and Cookie Sales - Sold at conferences and in the Groves office
  • Raffle Tickets - Jan/Feb - girls work together to sell tickets at local grocery stores
  • Senior Yard Signs (Groves) - ongoing - sold through the Groves website and senior party advertisements

Opting out of the Raffle fundraising
Not every family wants to participate in fundraising.  However, our team needs the revenue to pay our expenses.  If a gymnast family decides to opt out of doing the Raffle ticket sales, they will be required to make up the lost revenue by donating $200.00 to the team.