New Gymnasts Interested In Joining the Team

We are excited that you are interested in joining the Birmingham Unified Gymnastics Team!  Below is some information on the team.

Sign up for the email list now

If your student athlete is still deciding if she wants to join the team, we encourage you to contact Sandi Marshall, the Lead Booster Parent, to get on the team email distribution list.  This way you won't miss any meeting or practice information.  You can join the list by contacting Sandi Marshall at

Season Starts in Late October

For the 2022/2023 Season, the first practice will be held on Monday, October 31, 2022.  Girls who are finishing up a fall sport can start the gymnastics season after their fall sport is done.  However, they should contact Sandi Marshall, Lead Booster Parent if they are interested in the team so a uniform can be ordered.

Try-it (not Try-outs)

The gymnastics team has always been a no-cut team.  Girls who are interested in joining the team can try out the first three practices before fully committing to the team.  After their third practice, team fees must be paid, and their team uniform will need to be ordered ASAP if they plan to compete.  For information on team fees, see the Team Registration page of this website.

Register before participating in practice

To participate in a practice, or even try-out the team, students MUST be registered through Powerschool Online which can be found on the Athletics page of the Groves and Seaholm websites.   There are no exceptions to this rule.    Students will need a current Physical (completed after April 15, 2022).  Information on registering for the team can be found at the Team Registration page of this website.

Funding the Team

As a unified team, the gymnastics team is considered a club.  The club is hosted by Groves High School, some meets, and many practices are held at Groves. The fees for the club (assistant coach's salaries, equipment costs, social activities, etc.) are covered through the team's Booster Club.  Girls must actively participate in fundraising.  Girls who choose not to participate in fundraising must pay supplemental fee.  For more information, contact Sandi Marshall.

Cost to participate

See the Team Registration page for information on the costs.  

Parent Participation

We are a small team, so it is important for all parents to volunteer.  There are many volunteer opportunities which will be discussed at the Parent/Gymnast meeting.  It is also very important that parents help at the home meets.  Following each meet, gymnasts and parents must stay to take down the equipment.  


It takes a while until a new gymnast can build the skills and create a routine.  Therefore, it is very common for new gymnasts to not participate in many meets their first year.  However, in the past, new gymnasts have enjoyed practices and cheering on their teammates at the meets.  Even if a girl is not participating in a meet, they are still required to attend the meets to support their teammates.

Girls who participate in private gymnastics clubs outside of school

Some clubs don't allow their gymnasts to participate in their high school team.  Please contact your club directly to discuss this.  High school requirements are different for clubs and high school teams so some routines may need to be modified.  

Gymnastics events

Woman's gymnastics is comprised of four events: bars, vault, floor and beam.  Girls can participate in the events that they are interested in.  They can practice all events, but they might only complete in their best events.  High school gymnastics is different than club gymnastics in that the gymnasts are working towards the highest team score rather than placing as an individual.  Depending on the size of the meet, the coach will choose anywhere from 5-12 girls to compete in each event.  

Regionals and States

Girls can qualify as individuals to compete in the Regional Meet and the State Meet.  Requirements will be published at the beginning of the season.

Team Apparel

Gymnasts must wear a team leotard to participate in a meet.  New girls must purchase their leotard and warm up jacket.  It takes approximately 7-9 weeks for the custom leotard to come in so it's important that girls order and pay for their leotards as soon as they commit to the team.  Most new girls will not have a leotard for the first meet.  You can find information on ordering apparel on this website under "Gymnast Information", "Uniform and Apparel"

For practices, girls need to wear a practice leotard.  Most girls wear practice leos under their t-shirt and/or shorts.  You can purchase inexpensive leos online at many different websites.  If a girl is trying out the team and doesn't want to invest in a practice leo right away, she can wear a one-piece swimsuit under her t-shirt and shorts the first week.  Or, she can borrow a leo from other girls until she has her own.  


Practices will be held at both Groves HS and the Sports Club of West Bloomfield.  Carpools will be arranged at both Seaholm and Groves.  Gymnasts should join the team text group to arrange for carpools.  Please note that some optional practices will take place on Sundays at the Sports Club of West Bloomfield.

Transportation to meets

Very few schools have gymnastics teams, so the meets are held as far away at Port Huron.  Parents are asked to drive the girls to and from the meets.  Carpools are arranged. The team has no access to a bus.


The team has a head coach, Rebecca Bajorek, and one assistant coach.  Both are very experienced at coaching high school level girls.

Team Budget

Prior to the season, a team budget is set.  The budget and financials are available at any time for parents to see.  Contact Nina Tortosa or Sandi Marshall for more information.

This website

Once a girl is confirmed on the team and booster fees are paid, access will be given for the gymnast and parents to have full access to this website.  You will be able to view rosters, meet information, photos, etc.

If you have any additional questions, contact Sandi Marshall at