Floor Music

Girls are responsible for ordering their own floor music and downloading it on CD's for practice and meets.  There are three ways to get music:  Purchase from a website (below), borrow it from a gymnast (from prior years that they are not currently using to compete), or Rebecca also has some older versions of music which are available for the girls to use.

When choosing a floor music, keep these items in mind:

1. Music must be between 1:00 and 1:30 minutes.

2. Listen for changes in the music's beat.  Slow sections with faster sections mixed in for tumbling passes.

2. You will be listening to this music MANY times so make sure you love it.

3. Judges will be listening to this music so make sure it's something that they will enjoy.

Purchasing Floor Music

There are many website which sell floor music.  Music prices can vary.  

Below are links music sites.

Floor Music Express

Floor Tracks

Jump Twist

Once you have purchased your music, download it to two CD's.  One will be kept by the gymnast and brought to all meets, and one will be kept by the coach.  Also, save the MP3 because you may need to download it again.  Rebecca will be combining the music onto one disc and she might need another copy of the MP3.  (Please ask Coach for specific directions)